Welcome to my home page - I hope that you find at least something of interest within its pages, even if it is only the way out. There is the usual personal rubbish about where, who and what I am, but the majority of the site is dedicated to birdwatching in the Milton Keynes area. Milton Keynes is a much maligned city (especially by Noel Edmonds, but then again who would want to share a non-existent village called Crinkley Bottom with a large, purple spotted rubber man?). I hope that my web site will dispel the myth that Milton Keynes is a sterile, artificial place with no interest other than a row of concrete cows (which incidentally I hope to dynamite in the near future and do the world a favour). Actually it is very interesting to hear people go on about the city with that knowing smirk we have come to recognise. The usual, and most effective, put-down is to ask them where they live, and then wait for the embarrassed pause before they tell you that they live in Penge, or Dagenham, or some other soulless dump.

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